The Christmas Edit | Wish list

G’morning lovely people! It’s this time of the year again and I’m starting to feel super duper festive. I’ve seen Christmas gift guides floating around the blogosphere in the past few weeks so I thought it was time to make one too. Mine is more of a wish list type of thing but if you want to gift one of these goodies to a friend or a family member, that’s cool too. I’m pretty sure they’ll love it!

Which item do you like the most?

While we’re there, I also thought I’d share with you 3 of my Christmas shopping tips:

1/ Have a list of gift ideas for your family, partner and friends that you update throughout the year. I’ve started mine about 2 years ago and I add ideas every time a friend or a family member mentions something they’d love to own or do one day. This way,  my mind rarely goes blank for birthdays and Christmas!

2/ Order in plenty of time of Christmas. Now that mind sound like common sense but I was left disappointed with no gift for someone because I ordered “too late” (e.g. that was 10 days before Christmas but postal services were very busy). So my advice is: start shopping this week especially since it's black friday weekend and lots of brands are having massive sales!

3/ Always buy 2 gifts: one someone expressively said they wanted and one that’s more of a surprise. People often give lists of what they want to their family members, which let’s be honest ruins a little bit the magic of Christmas. Hey, I’m sometimes guilty of it too but my strategy is to always buy at least one gift I know they’re not expecting. 

I hope these tips were useful. I’d love to hear your Christmas shopping tips so feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Love that clutch - such a timeless shape!

    1. I know! And that little wrap detail around? Love it <3

  2. Such a wonderful Christmas list!

  3. Love the scarf ans watch ♥ Great wishlist!