Wearing: Zara patent loafers, Zara check trousers, Topshop shirt, Topshop hat and ASOS cape.

My favourite cover-up is back: the ASOS cape coat. I purchased it 2 years ago and it still does its job every time we transition from Autumn to Winter and from Winter to Spring. My recent scouting of the internet has given me some new cape coat envy though so I’ve put together a selection of my favourite ones below. Which one should I go for next?

The great thing about capes is that they’re really easy to wear. You can just throw them on any outfit you want – whether casual or smart – and it will always look great. I went down the smart casual route and put on my favourite loafers (patent of course, what else), new check trousers (bought after quizzing my Instagram followers), a simple shirt (can never go wrong with a nice shirt) and my beloved Topshop hat.

With that being said, the transitioning period will be fairly short this year as it’s already starting to f..ff..fffrrr…fffreeez!


  1. Love this outfit! that cape is a beauty I've been looking for one I love but haven't found it yet!

  2. Very cute look! I love the idea of a cape, but I'm not quite sure I could pull it off. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    1. It's a lot easier than you'd think. Start with a black one with a simple cut so you can get use to it :-)

  3. lovely poncho!

  4. Love it! So cute and cozy!

  5. great look and LOVE your loafers !!

  6. chic and casual, love it! perfect for this time of year x

  7. You look amazing. I want this entire look head to toe.
    xx, M

    The Marcy Stop

  8. Love the layering! xo Heidi

  9. adore this outfit. You look stunning, love. Fabulous as always. :) xx

  10. This is fabulous look!! Men-inspired style is my type of fashion and you rock it!!
    Btw, thanks so much for visiting my blog ;-) keep in touch.